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Top Ten Candidate Mistakes In Interviews

Limp handshakes, chewing gum and scruffy clothes are just some of the mistakes a huge amount of candidates make when turning up to interviews according to Front of House Recruitment, who have identified the top ten candidate mistakes in interviews.

Recruiters have revealed that too many candidates still have spelling mistakes in their CV or letters of application, and that hiring managers are still rejecting candidates because their limp handshake gives the impression of a lack of confidence and enthusiasm.   Other hiring manager’s complaints include candidates not having turned their mobile telephones off, wearing inappropriate heels and fake eyelashes and not observing the dress code of the environment they are interviewing in.

Being unfriendly, under confident, making strange comments and slouching in a chair were also mentioned as reasons interviews don’t go well and hiring managers are left cold.

The recruitment specialists gathered their list of ten things candidates should avoid in an interview which should help them in their search for their dream position:

1. A limp handshake

2. Chewing gum

3. Ignoring the dress code

4. Work history issues

5. Poor presentation

6. CV spelling mistakes

7. Answering the phone

8. Poor body language

9. Unusual comments

10. Rude behaviour

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