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Successful refresher audit by Professional Passport

Green Lantern is proud to have a successful refresher audit by Professional Passport this week, reconfirming our compliance with all regulations within our sector.  In addition, our status as an approved Accountancy Service Provider has been confirmed following our successful launch of this service in September 2014.

Discussing their approved provider audit process, Professional Passport comment:

‘Professional Passport has developed an audit standard to assess a providers’ compliance in the areas of umbrella providers, accountancy service providers and contract review providers.

The audits are based on our understanding of HMRC’s current interpretation, management and enforcement of the current legislation applying to the sector.

We accept that there are many grey areas; as yet untested by the courts. Our audit has been designed around a low risk profile and seeks to ensure that providers are not operating in a way that is likely to be challenged by HMRC.’

Green Lantern has always adopted a safety first approach, which protects all of those customers we work with, including contractors and recruitment companies.

In this time of development of legislation in our sector, recruitment companies can be assured that by working with Green Lantern, Professional Passport have verified our status as based solely within the UK, and that our procedures are fully in line with those best practice processes dictated by HMRC.

With hundreds of ‘payroll companies’ existing, we are one of only around 20 to have subjected our processes to this robust auditing and therefore recruitment companies can be certain that our approach is fully compliant and protective of their interests.  In addition, because of comfort that we are operating compliantly, Professional Passport also offer £5 million debt transfer insurance to recruitment companies who work with Green Lantern.

Discussing the audit success, Operations Director Lyndsay Shimmin says ‘our focus on compliance and our safety first approach is something we are incredible proud of here at Green Lantern, and this refresher audit marks our third year of working with Professional Passport to verify this.  Our team work exceptionally hard to ensure that all parties we work with are protected from any risks, and that we consistently update our processes in line with the constantly changing guidance we receive.  This further verification from Professional Passport is additional comfort to us and those parties we work with that Green Lantern sets the benchmark in terms of compliance and safety, in addition to our excellent service levels to ensure that our customers are satisfied with all aspects of what we do.’