Get To Know Green Lantern’s Sarah Dalgleish

Each week, we will bring you a series of questions answered by our team. This week, get to know Green Lantern’s Sarah Dalgleish, part of our Customer Relations team, as she talks about her motivations and inspirations.

What have been the highlights in your career journey that have enabled you to sit where you are today?

My main career highlight was completing my university degree in 2012. My degree has given me an abundance of organisational skills and experiences which I apply to my every day work life. I love learning, and think it’s a vital part of not just my career but also my personal development. The skills and disciplines I acquired during my education have become transferrable throughout the roles I have worked in, and have assisted me in developing within the different companies I have worked for. My drive for continuing to learn and grow within the workplace have led me to where I am today.

What motivates you and drives you?

I’m at my peak of motivation when I can visibly see the difference I’m making. Whether it’s the growth of our business, or receiving positive feedback from our customers, I am driven when I see how hard work pays off. My main ethos is that “there is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs,” when it comes to work, and I like to maintain this in my every day.

How do you know when you’ve done a good job, what gives you satisfaction?

For me, it’s frequent verbal appreciation from our customers. I love hearing that I have made an impact upon someone, and being acknowledged for my hard-work. It gives me perspective on the value of the work I do; knowing that I’ve done a good job is an essential way to feeling good about myself. My passion is for helping others, and when I feel I have successfully accomplished this, I am content in my achievement.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired every day by those around me, in particular, those who are relentless when it comes to achieving their goals and pursuing their passion. People who build their own empires such as, Janine Allis, who created the international chain ‘Boost Juice Bar.’ Also, those whose passion is their humanitarian work, such as Geraldine Cox, who is best-known for her charitable work in Cambodia. Nick Vujicic is also someone I find incomparable. I highly recommend watching a YouTube video of one of his speeches; he could most definitely move mountains with his positivity and strength. On a personal level, my career idols have to be my parents.  Their passion and dedication to their work is admirable, and I am motivated and moved by them every day.

Why does Green Lantern matter to you?

Green Lantern is important to me because of what it stands for and because of the people I work with. An all-female office that has moved from strength to strength in terms of their business goals, it represents the independence of the modern business woman. I am proud to work in a thriving organisation with such strong colleagues, who inspire me daily. Surround yourself with positive and successful people and you will see how your career becomes your passion.

If you’d like to speak to Sarah, you can get in touch by email – or by telephone on 0207 164 2116.

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