Green Lantern Group - Umbrella Company

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When choosing whether to register with Green Lantern, we will provide you with a full financial illustration which will assist you in understanding exactly how your weekly pay will be calculation.  We also have an online calculator which you can take a look at anytime, which will assist you with an indication as to what to expect into your bank account.

Part of that weekly calculaton is a margin which is retained by us – this is what we will make each week by providing our services and is retained from the gross weekly funds we receive from your agency.  This weekly margin will always be shown on our reconciliation statement – your weekly statement breaking down the payment we have received and how that translates into your net pay.

This margin is set at a standard £18 per week and covers our costs of administration, insurances and providing you with employee benefits, such as Perkbox, which we will register you for at our cost.

If for any reason our margin changes, we would of course notify you prior to any changes taking place and provide you with a full explanation.

Occasionally, we may run promotions which may mean that we issue you with a reduced margin – again, if this is relevant to you, we’ll let you know.

Please note there won’t be any circumstances where this margin will be rebated or refunded to you.

To register now, either give us a call on 02071642116 or click on ‘Sign Up Now’ or use our Chat With Us facility on our website.