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Finance Bill – Have Your Say

Over the course of the last six months, we have welcomed HMRC’s proposed amendments to travel and subsistence rules and their desire to create a more transparent and compliant environment for us to work within.

The recent finance bill, passed through parliament, impacts upon how contractors use umbrella companies and claim tax relief on their expenses. This month, HMRC will open a consultation HMRC which could put a cap on how contractors can claim the tax relief offered. The impact on contractors could be significant.

Our awarding body of compliance Professional Passport, has created a survey for all contractors to complete which intends to garner the opinion of those who will be affected by this legislation – contractors themselves. The questions you answer will be presented as hard data can be put to HMRC to support contractors.

The data received from the survey will also help Professional Passport when they talk to the BIS once they release the Provider Transparency consultation which will play a key role in the future of the contracting market.

If you complete this survey you will be helping the contracting sector you are a part of and Professional Passport will have a greater demographic to source its data from.  HMRC will, in addition, be presented with information which comes directly from the sources it relates to.

Green Lantern fully supports HMRC’s consultation, and we are working with several bodies to provide both collective and individual responses.  We look forward to working with HMRC to ensure that only compliant providers, such as us here at Green Lantern, are able to continue to provide employment services to contractors across the UK.

If you require any further information please contact us directly on 0207 164 2116.

To complete this survey, please follow this