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Business Insurance for Contractors – why is it important?

When setting up your own limited company, we’ll have talked to you about business insurance for contractors and why its important that as a business owner you need to ensure that your business is covered by adequate professional insurances. Not only will this be a requirement of your agency and client, but without the security of an employer to reply on, if something goes wrong you could be vulnerable to claims.

Getting insurance cover isn’t costly or complicated to set up, and Green Lantern works with industry leaders Kingsbridge to ensure it’s as simple and cost effective as possible to protect yourself.

Your agency or client typically won’t allow you to commence your contract without insurance being in place, as they’ll be seeking to protect themselves from any risks they may incur as a result of you and your actions when providing your services through your limited company. Our partners at Kingsbridge provide a standard package which covers most agencies’ requirements, however, you should check the terms of your contract to make sure you have the required cover in place.

Aside from the terms of the contract, insurance is important to protect you. As we know, errors can happen and if your client faces losses as a result of your errors, it’ll be your limited company that receives the claim.  Likewise, accidents at work happen, and if you or anyone else was injured or property damaged as a result of your actions, your business would be liable.  Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance are therefore going to provide you with the comfort of knowing that if a claim is made, you won’t be personally liable for the claim yourself.

Kingsbridge can help you with everything you need to get in place as a contractor who is a business owner, and they can provide expert advice to ensure that you have the comfort you need. They cover a wide range of occupations, and cover can be made via an online application in minutes.  For more information, just contact Kingsbridge directly:

T: 01242 362 146